Bromley Council leader “barking up the wrong tree”

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At the meeting of Bromley Council on Monday 12 October, Deputy Leader Cllr Peter Fortune invited Cllrs Angela Wilkins & Marina Ahmad to sign a letter from the Leader of Bromley to the Mayor of London requesting him to force Croydon Council to remove the Low Traffic Neighbourhood recently installed in Crystal Palace.

Cllrs Wilkins & Ahmad have declined this invitation. 

Cllr Wilkins said:

“We completely agree with the Bromley Leader that the impact of this LTN on Bromley’s residential roads is unacceptable, and that something has to be done as a matter of urgency.

“However, writing to Sadiq Khan is barking up the wrong tree as neither the Mayor of London does not have the power to force Croydon to remove the road blocks. This letter therefore seems more like a political manoeuvre than a serious attempt to help local residents.

“We have instead asked out MP, Ellie Reeves, who has been supporting us on this issue, to write to the Secretary of State for Transport. These LTNs are a government policy, and Grant Shapps is the man responsible for introducing them. Bromley Council is, of course, free to do the same.

“Just about everyone supports the principles of reducing traffic on residential roads to make them safer and cleaner. So, common sense dictates that a cross borough problem requires a cross borough solution. The next step should be for the two councils to get around a virtual table and see whether there are any options for changing the LTN to create one that will work for all residents. If there are no workable options, we would support the scheme being removed entirely.