Bromley’s Deputy Leader under investigation

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Responding to confirmation that Bromley Council will be conducting a formal investigation, Cllr Angela Wilkins (Leader of the Bromley Labour Group) commented:

“Public trust in elected members, whether at parliamentary or local government level, is essential.

That trust relies on those elected adhering to the principles of honesty, transparency and integrity.

I therefore welcome the news that there will be a full investigation of the complaint raised.”


Notes to editors

  1. Details of complaint attached
  2. Cllr Fortune is Deputy Leader of Bromley Council and also Executive member for Education, Children & Families at the council.
  3. For further information please contact Angela Wilkins 0794 052 8017

Appendix – copy of letter sent to LB Bromley Chief Executive on 27 April 2021

Dear Mr Adetosoye,

It has been brought to my attention that Cllr Peter Fortune appears to be (or at least, has been) in breach of the Council’s code of conduct. Given that Cllr Fortune is Deputy Leader of LB Bromley, I request an urgent investigation into this matter, as failure to do so could cause serious reputational damage to the Council.

Following an approach from someone who has had contact with Fitness in Services Ltd., and subsequent research to verify the claims, the facts I have are these:

  • Cllr Fortune was (and could still be) CEO of Fitness in Services Ltd., a company that provides services to schools in Bromley and beyond. 
  • As Executive member for Education & Children’s Services, Cllr Fortune has strong relationships with local schools; this is a clear conflict of interest.
  • I have a copy of the business card demonstrating Cllr Fortune’s position at Fitness in Services and evidence from a person who liaised directly with Cllr Fortune in this capacity. 
  • This role has not been declared on Cllr Fortune’s Register of Interests, as required by principles of honesty and transparency. 
  • Fitness in Services Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bridge Group Bromley Ltd. and shares the same business address
  • Council accounts show payments being made from the Education portfolio budget to other companies owned by BGB Ltd. 
  • BGB accounts at Companies House generate a number of concerns about the [text removed for legal reasons] Group and its subsidiaries. 
  • Employee reviews of Bridge Security Ltd. (to whom LBB has made payments) state that wages due to staff are not paid or not paid on time. Working at BRIDGE SECURITY: Employee Reviews | 
  • These last two points indicate that Bromley Council is sourcing services from a company that could be struggling to stay afloat and/or is exploiting its staff. Either way, this should be investigated immediately by the Council, as should Cllr Fortune’s relationship with Bridge Group Bromley Ltd. and its subsidiaries.

I regard these questions over Cllr Fortune’s conduct while in office as serious, as I do the questions over the practices and future viability of Bridge Group Bromley Ltd, and therefore expect an expedited response please. 

Best regards,                                                                                          

Cllr Angela Wilkins

Councillor for Crystal Palace Ward & Leader of the Bromley Labour Group