Labour’s candidate for Shortlands & Park Langley by-election sets out her priorities

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Charlotte Grievson is writing to all residents in Shortlands & Park Langley ahead of the by-election on Thursday 2nd May. She says: “I’m writing to ask you to vote for me to be your Labour Councillor in the Shortlands and Park Langley by-election on Thursday 2nd May. Shortlands and Park Langley is a fantastic place to live and work, but we can make it even better.

“We’ve been held back by Conservative complacency. The Conservatives are taking your vote and your patience for granted. We need a change, and only Labour can beat the Conservatives on polling day.

“Over recent years, I’ve noticed – as I’m sure you have – a real decline in public services in Bromley, whether that’s road safety around schools, the dreadful state of road surfaces or the failure to take care of diseased trees to prevent them causing damage to people’s homes. I’m fed up of hearing that neighbours have had their cars stolen from their driveways, or that there has been yet another incident of youth violence, when at the same time, the Conservatives have slashed police budgets and fail to provide adequate mental health support to those who need it.”

She adds: “I’ve been out in the community speaking to local people and week in, week out, we are hearing about the effects of years of Conservative failure, both locally and nationally. The cost-of-living crisis, NHS waiting lists and cuts to the education budget affect so many of us.

“Labour came a close second in the last election here, and this by-election is a two-horse race between us and the Conservatives. If you elect me, you will have a local councillor who will deliver for the community. And you will send a message to the Conservatives that we’ve had enough, and it’s time for a change.”

A montage of Charlotte and Labour supporters campaigning in Shortlands and Park Langley

Charlotte’s priorities for a fairer, safer Shortlands and Park Langley

Safer roads

When Bromley Conservatives refused to make the roads around my children’s school safe, I took them on. I will continue campaigning to improve all our local roads and reduce the risk of accidents in our area, especially around local schools.

Tackle crime and antisocial behaviour

The Conservatives have slashed community policing budgets, leaving crimes in our area going unsolved. I’ll make this a priority supporting measures to ensure you feel safe in your home and neighbourhood.

Demand more for our young people

I’ll bring local schools and community groups together to improve what’s on offer for children and young people, including good quality mental health support, and be a strong voice for every family in our area.

Better housing

Everyone deserves a stable and secure place to call home, and to be able to live in the area they love. I’ll work with landlords to improve accommodation standards, and listen to the concerns of local residents about the growth of multiple-occupancy houses.

Protect our green spaces

Too many of our local parks and green spaces are falling into a state of disrepair. I’ll work to improve them – starting with the completion of the regeneration of the River Ravensbourne and Glassmill Pond.