Bickley & Sundridge

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Kelly Galvin

I have lived in Bromley for 30 years; first standing as a candidate for Bickley ward in the 1996 by-election. Throughout this time, I have worked as a humanities and social sciences teacher in local schools, including those within Bickley and Sundridge ward. I am also the mother of three daughters. who have been educated in Bromley. In addition to education, I am keen to serve the people of Bickley and Sundridge ward by ensuring that environmental and community issues are prioritised. If elected, i would ensure that Bickley and Sundridge residents have a strong voice on the council and in committee.

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Laura Vogel

I am a mother of two, immigrant, primary school teacher, campaigner and former “mummy blogger”. I am a school governor in Westminster, volunteer with a walking charity, and am a lover of Cornwall. I am standing for the opportunity to represent Bickley residents and champion their interests in Council and across the Borough.

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Tom Davies

I live in Bickley, and work part-time at Tesco Orpington. I study History & Politics at Goldsmiths, University of London, in Lewisham. In 2018, I volunteered at the British Heart Foundation in Bromley. My passions include modern history, local, national and international politics, and LGBT+ issues.

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