Kelsey & Eden Park

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John Dempster

John was born and raised in Beckenham and has lived in the area for most of his life. He attended a local comprehensive in the area and so is aware of the importance of education to providing a good platform for future success.

He works for a housing association as an employment adviser supporting adults to improve their job search techniques as well as enabling them to access job opportunities. As councillor he will seek to create improvements in local education, transport and care services in opposition to a Tory council that for years has cut and underinvested in local services.

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Marie Bardsley

Marie has lived and been active in Kelsey and Eden Park for 10 years. She is on the Resident’s Association and regularly speaks with local people. Previously she was active in the Fitzjohn’s and Frugal Ward in Hampstead and stood for the Camden council. She has had considerable local experience in Kelsey and Eden Park and has previously stood in this strong Tory ward on three occasions, once for a by-election If elected she will work with residents through surgeries to scrutinise the work of a council and empower our community. Our streets and parks must be cleaner, safer and greener. South Eden Park and Wickham Road need safe crossings and Kelsey Park refurbished. She will use her training and career in scientific research to collate evidence.

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Stephen Gerard Patrick Scott

I was born and raised in Beckenham and currently live in the Kelsey and Eden Park ward. I have worked for several trade unions in the campaigns, communications and research departments as well as for several Labour Party MP’s. I have also been a trade union rep when I worked in the construction industry.

In addition, I’ve been a long term Labour Party activist, with various roles at many general, european and local government elections.

I have two children who attend local state schools and in my spare time I play tennis, surf and watch Crystal Palace FC.

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