St Mary Cray

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Nathaniel Arthur, Richard Honess and Debbie Price have been selected as the Labour candidates for St Mary Cray Ward at the upcoming local elections.

St Mary Cray Ward lies to the east of the Borough and to the north of Orpington Constituency. This marginal ward, which was Labour held until the early 2000’s contains some of the most densely housed areas in Orpington.

Bounded by the St Mary Cray to Swanley railway line in the north (but also incorporating Star Lane) and Ramsden Road to the south. Nearby, there is considerable green belt and farmland before entering the Kent countryside.

Within the ward is the Nugent Shopping Estate, a shopping hub for many in the Cray Valley and Orpington area.


Debbie Price

Debbie Price has been a resident of St Mary Cray, and she has lived in Orpington for over 25 years. In this time, she has been a teacher at Hillside Primary School (now Harris Academy) and a local business owner. She is currently running a crafting business as well as a volunteer café manager at a local church.

Having had 4 children all going to schools in the borough including Perry Hall School, as well as being a teacher herself, Debbie has a deep knowledge of the issues for parents and carers in the community.
Debbie has been active regarding the recent Walnuts Shopping Centre plans, believing that this is not the right option to revitalise our town centre for the community.

As an environmentalist, Debbie believes the ‘St Mary Cray Project’ proposal to build 1,000 homes will break Bromley’s commitment to protect the Greenbelt. She is committed to working with the community to transform this area enhancing the natural environment and air quality in the most densely populated area of Orpington.

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Nathaniel Arthur

Nathaniel has been a resident of St Mary Cray Ward with my family since 2006. He has been working as a Probation Service Practitioner since 2005 after ten years in retail management.

He has also been actively involved in local Labour campaigns team in producing newsletters on local issues as well as participating in door to door campaign initiatives. Additionally he as been part of the then Cray Valley Ward Panel meetings for over ten years prior to the national lockdown and has also served as a Vice Chair and at various sub committees at the Greenwich Council Inclusion Project on Hate Crime for over 4 years

Nathaniel said “I am community-minded person seeking an opportunity to serve my fellow residents of St Mary Cray Ward as a councillor. I am passionate about the delivery of quality public service and helping residents to resolve local issues which residents like myself are confronted with in our daily lives. To this end, l pledge to fight for better standards in the provision of services for my local community using Labour Party values as a source of inspiration.”

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Richard Honess

Richard Honess has lived in St Mary Cray since the age of 10 and has also worked in the area as both a schoolteacher and as a police officer. As a result, he has a deep understanding of the issues within the ward.
He has worked tirelessly to deal with the problem of litter, dumped rubbish and fly-tipping; proactively reporting on dumpsites and other road and street defects.

Currently a lecturer in policing he is also well practiced in evidence-based policy and problem solving and will take these skills to the Council to improve our area and our borough. Follow Richard on Twitter @TheBigHon.

Richard said, “As a local resident I experience daily the problems caused by the council’s lack of attention to area of St Mary Cray. The abandonment of our estates, and a lack of support to our communities. I want to stand up and speak out to ensure our residents get the services they depend on”

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