Hardest up in Bromley face paying 20% more council tax

Bromley Conservatives are proposing a council tax hike of 20% for the worst off families in the borough Thousands of residents who currently receive council tax support would be even worse off during the current cost of living crisis Labour Councillors Ruth McGregor and Jeremy Adams explain more in the video below. http://www.bromleylabour.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/20pc_council_tax_increase.mp4

School Streets in Bromley: The Truth

On Friday 15th July 2022 a Special meeting of Bromley Council’s Environment PDS Committee convened to scrutinise the Conservative decision to stop the roll out of School Streets in Bromley. Cllr Igoe goes through the reality of School Streets in Bromley.

Statement on School Streets ‘call in’ outcome

Bromley Conservatives halt roll out of the School Streets policy to protect children at drop off and pick up times. Transport Portfolio Holder Cllr Bennett treated questions from members of the public with disdain and contempt